Come & go

Apply to join IDEO+. If you’re a fit we’ll chat more about what you love and how you like to work:. residency, short-term boost, one-day expert? Once you’re in, even if you’re not on a current IDEO project, we’d love for you to hang out in the studio.

Get paired

When a design challenge matches your passions, we’ll confirm your interest and figure out the best way to work together. Whether it’s a day or three months, we’re highly collaborative and like to work side-by-side. When you join the team, we give you a dedicated space, and ask you to join us in the studio as much as possible.

Make Bank

Depending on the project engagement model, you will either be paid an hourly rate or stipend as a contractor or be paid as a temporary employee through our payroll. Don't worry, we'll help you figure it out!

IDEO+ is a dynamic collective of creative professionals who join forces with IDEO on a flexible basis, ranging from one-day boosts to 6-month residencies.

IDEO’s Inner Circle
of Creative Collaborators

As an IDEO+ member, you are fully integrated into our community—immersed project spaces, joining cultural events, using all the gear. Being part of this collective means being a strategic and creative thought-partner, tackling design challenges that match to your unique skills and passions. The collective is made up of career freelancers, experimental artists, entrepreneurs, ex-executives, industry experts, and IDEO alumni. If you’re looking to give and receive inspiration and expertise as part of a dynamic creative community, Apply now→

The upcoming events:

“Break The News”

Break the News is an IDEO+ makeathon bringing together a wide range of experts in design, publishing, storytelling, politics, and technology to challenge how we create, consume, and verify news and other shared public information. Together, we will tackle themes ranging from questions of Truth & Trust to Citizen Journalism to Propaganda to Secrecy & Anonymity to Underground Fringe Publishing.

Our goal is to design a series of concept provocations that can be shared with the public, newscasters, policymakers, and digital strategists, helping inspire innovation and best practices in one of the most critical components of a free society - the Open Press. Come join IDEO+ in breaking the news on June 10, 2017. Apply here!

Hunch Hour Party

This summer. Details coming soon.